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100g Letterfinlay Smoked Salmon

100g Letterfinlay Smoked Venison

100g Letterfinlay Smoked Beef

100g Letterfinlay Smoked Argyll Ham

80g Great Glen Charcuterie Mustard Salami

60g Gleat Glen Charcuterie Venison Chorizo 

60g Great Glen Charcuterie Venison & Chilli Chorizo

250Gg Letterfinlay Smoked Cheddar

140g Highland Skinny Crowdie

250g Highland Brie

200g Isle of Kintyre Whisky Cheddar

150g Hebridean Blue Cheese

100g Benbecula Oatcakes

150g Maclean Traditional Oatcakes

100g Island Bakery Cheese Biscuits

100g Castle Maclellan Chicken Liver Pate

100g Castle Maclellan Mushroom Pate

Kilted Scotsman

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